2020 National Mediation Policy Act

2020 Presidential Campaign Response to 
The National Mediation Policy Act (NMPA)

To:       2020 Presidential Campaigns - RESPONSE NEEDED BY 6/20

From:   Mediate.com & Leading National Mediation Organizations - admin@mediate.com

Re:       Proposed National Mediation Policy Act (NMPA) at MediationAct.org

Date:    June 5, 2019

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Thank you in advance for your campaign’s response the proposed National Mediation Policy Act (NMPA). Full information is at MediationAct.org.  Please submit your campaign’s response here to the proposed NMPA by 6/20!

The NMPA policy statement is educational and aspirational, initiating a national policy preference that protracted disputes be resolved by voluntary mediation, rather than litigation, lack of resolution or violence. The full policy statement is as follows: 

It is the policy of the United States that, when two or more individuals or entities are in protracted dispute, it is preferable that such disputants actively and voluntarily take part in solution-seeking mediation, rather than allowing the dispute to remain unresolved or result in costly litigation, continued conflict, and elevated risk of violence.

This policy statement is endorsed by the leading national mediation organizations in the U.S., including the National Association for Community Mediation (NAFCM), the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR), the Academy of Professional Family Mediators (APFM), and Mediators Beyond Borders (MBB). 

Mediate.com – the most visited dispute resolution site in the U.S. and world – is leading the NMPA initiative. Mediate.com is collecting and publishing (by 6/20) each 2020 Presidential Campaign’s response to the proposed NMPA and additional comments about constructive conflict resolution in America for the future. The easiest way to indicate your campaign’s support (or not) for the proposed NMPA and your campaign comments is below!

If possible, we also ask to schedule a 5-minute online interview with the candidate! Please email admin@mediate.com or call 541 345 1629 to schedule your candidate’s 5-minute online interview.

We look forward to receiving your campaign’s timely response to the NMPA!

James C. Melamed, CEO
(541) 345-1629


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